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My Hijab True Story

What is hijab? Hijab is meant for women protection. So they say. I don’t really understand the true meaning of hijab, once, when I used to be young, wild and daring. Do I wear hijab? Yes. Because everyone else does so. For the sake of protection? No. I can protect myself. I don’t really need hijab to help me. Furthermore, what can a piece of cloth do much to help me in the dangerous world today? For the sake of fashion? Not really. Maybe, sometimes. Most of the time, it was just for the sake of peer and society pressure. To be true, I was one of the Jahiliyyah in the modern world. The cities of Kuala Lumpur is full of bright lights, but my heart lived in a total darkness at that moment of time. . I still remember, one fine weekend. My husband came back from Perak, bringing me a gift. It was his first pay from his first job after we got married. With a smile he handed me a box of a lovely hijab. When I opened the gift, my face turn red. I was angry. My ego was on top of my Iman. I hated it s…

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