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My Family Homeschooling Journey

How do I start my homeschooling journey? Somehow, I always feel like a beginner, just started my homechooling yesterday. The reality calendar checked said it started Mac 2016. When we took Bella out of Pusat Dyslexia Malaysia, Shah Alam and bring back her to Sabah for good. It was a dare decision but I always trust my gut that she is not fit for schooling at that moment of time. Yes, it started with Bella. Wait. Before that, in 2014, I did some homeschooling activity with Bella, Isaac and Husna for few months. When we just moved to Tawau, Sabah. But they were at the age of 3, 5 and 8. I wasn't consider myself as homeschooler for such toddler and pre-schooler at that time. Husna get back to school after 3 months of settling there via the help of our neighbour who work in Tawau Education Department. Bella and Isaac were homeschool or maybe unschool from May to December that year. So, yes. It started in 2014. Later, a year of schooling. Then, homeschooling Bella again for one year…

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