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My little Astronout - Husna Hazellyna Isham 2017

This is a year of Planet, Moon and Stars for Husna. She had the opportunity to go two camp night to study about astronomy better. The first one was in Labuan International School - Star Gazing Camp April, 2017. The cost, if I wasn't mistaken was RM15 only. There were barbeque, talks and the camp was held in the school compound. A memorable night for her indeed. Few cups of Maggie mee made the night even awesome! The second astronomy camp was held in Planetarium Negara - The 'Kem Alami Siri 1/2017' in August this year. It was free! An opportunity not to be missed. She went there with her cousins, Aisyah, Luqman and Hakeem. She proudly announced herself as a homeschoolers while others mentioned their respective schools. Quite numbers of the attendee. A lot of hands on activities make the two days one night camp fun and full with excitement for her. There were groups competition, and her group won the first prize! Bravo!

Compared to other siblings, Husna shows her interest i…

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