Debt Diet 2011

Ever heard about debt diet? I've come across it some where end of last year..

Seperti diet org yg nk kurus, mereka kurangkan makan utk tidak naik berat badan. konsepnya sama. cuma, ini berkaitan dgn duit lah... bagaimana nk control perbelanjaan supaya tidak naik hutang disamping boleh berjimat dengan lebih byk.. =) interesting? Standard la, kita org perempuan ni, pemangkin ekonomi keluarga. kena lebih skit kritikal thinking.

Me and Iss, commit to this debt diet programme since January 2011. I guess this is one good knowledge to be share with all. Sharing is caring right?

So, our 2011 motto is "Save a little for a better more!"

What we do is actually simple. Among others :-

1) We prepared envelopes, self-made (don't waste $,it's a diet remember?), to divide and allocate monthly budget. and self-commit!

eg. groceries - rm400 (mall for dried item rm200, wet item rm50 each weeks)

2) make a list to shop. sediakan kertas kosong dr january-december. every 20th, start to write items that need to buy. you'll get used to it and u won't be spending the unnecessary..

3) Family dine-out limit -3 times per month

4) Air-cond limit 2 hour per day.

5) TV limit 3 hours per person.

6) Switch off electricity and water supply when no needed.

7) Limit phone calls and sms per day.

8) Plants more green that can be cook. eg. rosemarry, pandan, pegaga etc

9) Recycle bottles, cans and plastic.

10) Breakfast at home or tapau 3x a weeks. no need to spend more outside.

11) "No spending day" - meaning, you can't spend at all that particular day. 2nd/3rd saturday each month

12) Educate the kids to appreciate $. Ada tabung for all. and they know the purpose of their savings. they know by using the money, they won't get what they want..

eg. husna dan basikalnya.. alhamdulillah, adik Bella pon dh kenal tabung dan duitnya walaupon masih tiada motif menyimpan.. =)

13) Buy things in bulks~

Org baru nk start hidup, kena la pandai berjimat. Kalau membazir pon xgune, amalan syaitan..

Jadi, renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal.

Love, Sabrina Ismail


  1. hohoho~
    I am using kinda same system now.

    org dah set kad boleh pakai 3/10 dari limit, hp; no call out of FOC time limit, utilities not more than 10k yen..

    pastu, duit main(makan luar, snacks, chocs, sodas, futsal, movie, haagen dazs etc) not more than 5k yen per month.

    wayang pegi hari rabu,ladies day so dapat murah. haagen dazs beli either on 7th,17th or 27th of the month so dapat 7scoops at 500yen.

    minyak keter 1k per week.which sometimes would lasts me more.

    pastu 1k yen for groceries. 10pcs of L sized eggs is only 98yen if I buy 1000yen or more in a reciept (normal price is 298yen) so I tend to but groceries once in a week.

    scholar masuk,terus keluarkan fixed amount tuk saving.

    hujung2 bulan punya duit lebih tu tak carry foward, but I put them into my tabung.

    I write down everything I bought in a notebook so I wont terlepas pandang.

    and I also write down what I need.

    (boleh tulis 1 entry blog sendiri ni) :p

  2. gud gud..

    lupa nk tambah 1 lg point, buy things in bulk.. alang2 beli telur, beli 30 trus. haha

    mcm org once a month sure shop pasar borong. ikan sekilo rm4.. ada dpt dkt 20 ekor.. bole buat laksa haha

  3. way to go :) this will take u guys a long way .. but dont forget to once in a while to forget and have fun !

  4. @kak ina-org takleh la nak borong camtu sebab fridge kecik. Dapur pun kecik nak letak barang banyak2 xmuat.huhu.

    another point I started is, to fully make use of public gym at my place. 200yen(+/-RM8) for 2 or more hours of use~~ sukaaa~~

    @tichik- that`s why I have my duit main. So tak terasa tercekik sangat.


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