My deepest fear

Saya sangat penakut terhadap beberapa perkara :-

1) Labour pain
2) Injection & Bloods
3) Ulat2 yg xda tulang eg, ulat sampah, caterpillar etc

For God sake, I rather jump from high sky plane, bungee jumping, do any extreme sport rather than to go through all of the above...

Kalau nk difikir-fikirkan to go into the labour room again, mau tak tidoq malam di buat nya.. but I haven't got my bilal of the house yet, still kena masuk labour room at least 1x lagi.. some ppl said, u've been there, nothing to worry about. because of I've been there lah, I know how scary it can be.. should I opt for ceaserian? Aih.. xcantik plak tummy nanti.. camne ni, camne ni.. takutnya.. Though it's a looooong way to go, but I could feel the stress, haha.. apa2 pon, It's all god's work.. sometimes I am so amaze how the women body could stand all the pain and recover asap after that.. also taking into culculation that being in later age of pregnancy will not be as easy as my 21st of age, aduh, nightmare... terasa sangat di mamah usia... baru 26-27 padahal.. that's why I always put a limit to myself - whatever it is, beranak till age of 30, that's it! after that, hopefully, cross my fingers, NO MORE! focus on career la pulak.. kumpul duit nk gi tanah suci.. =) bukak business ke, ape2 lah.. kes jaga badan ni huhu.. i know myself and my limit, i can't stand the pain.. bukan nk lawan kuasa Tuhan, tp ini hanya perancangan.. kalo tuhan nk bg rezeki lebih esok lusa, insyaAllah, kami menerima dgn tangan terbuka.. anak2 ni kan rezeki yg paling berharga tuhan anugerahkan kpd hambanya, selain spouses lah..

Secondly, needles & bloods - two good friends, but not so friendly for me.. =p don't like them, never will.. entah, xtau nape, just hate them.. seram, migrain sume ada bile tgk jarum2 ni. no worries I won't engage my self to drug addict or botox then.. the unnecessaries injection..

Ulat2.. - hah, this one.. dari kecik sampai besar.. geli geleman tgk depa bergerak tanpa tulang.. once, I pernah berani dgn pacat.. can just pick them up and throw - masa gile pegi camping dulu, masa I'm tougher than boys.. haha.. now, not so sure with pacat, haven't seen them quit a while. kena tunggu budak2 besar dulu baru bole bawa depa gi camping.. al-kisahnya, masa kecik2 dulu, I penah makan jambu batu.. tgh sedap2 gigit and kunyah, the jambu I had in my hand, keluar satu ulat kriuk kriuk dr buah tu.. and u made ur mata juling looking straight at the jambu in front of ur nose, mau tak melompat di buatnya.. i campak the jambu, i bet the ulat tercampak as well, and all I know I'm standing on the dining table.. seb baik wa kecik masa tu, kalo dah besar gajah, mau roboh meja makan tu.. hahahaha.. hillarious? nope for me.. from since, they are blacklisted from my life book.. pernah skali, iss pon kena tahan dr pegi kerja bcz ada serangan ulat2 ni kat rumah.. aku kire ape, die nk amik mc ke, lambat ke.. asal those animals are out of my sight.. they are pretty small, but pretty scary too.. lipas takpe, saye xtakut, unless they got themself fly lah.. but maggots.. xmoh cite la.. buat loya tekak je.. =(

now, you know me a bit better.. please keep the secret well and away from me..

love I could share this with all


  1. nothing is more scary after having been there done that kan? but insyaallah you will be fine .. nowadays the surgery technique has improved folds, i am sure the scar wont be noticeable shd u opt for ops .. the needles and blood is something u can slowly get over but for the fear of 'em bugs i cant give any advice cos i know till forever i will be horrified of cockroaches lol

  2. tchik, u know what, my friend, few months ago, got herself ceaser - 1st baby, sehari lepas jahit kena buka and re-jahit sebab darah tumpah byk. man got accident, kena re-jahit jugak, xtau, dia sanding masuk guna tongkat kot nanti.. so much of the improvement, not willing to take the risk unless it's really my last choice


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