When my cousin fall in love with my brother-in-law

Noor Atiqah Adila binti Noorzaidy, age 22
My close cousin, Grew up as my lil sister as I do baby sit her when her mom's working when she was small. Always been dear to my heart. Soft-spoken, very lady like type of person. Shopaholic. Part-time modelling.

Mohd Razman bin Mohd Radzi Dzulkhairi, age 22
A close sibling to my husband, Mr. Iss. Love cars & automative stuff. Met him for the first time at Gombak's restaurant with his twin, Mohd Razlan. He was at the age of 14/15 years old. Funny, emotional and rational. Going to pursue his study in UK soon in future.

How do they meet?
Of course, a big credit to me and my husband, during our wedding, 6 years back. but their love didn't blossom immediately. They do take their own sweet time to know each other well and finally made their decision to tied up the knot. hopefully, their marriage will be a long lasting one.. like us =)

The theme:-

Bride's family : Pink
Groom's family : Blue
Solomnization : 4/3/2011, 10:00 pm

As for me and my family, Iss and kids are wearing blue - rept his brother, and I wore pink - supporting the girl's side. Fair & square right? You couldn't find my husband photo anywhere, as he was busy handling both side outside. He know well both sides, be it his mother's and father's and his wife's side. A very busy night for him indeed..

These are some photo's courtesy from eapen. A very cheerful wedding nite and a happy ending/ or a great start for their life story journey.. May God bless you both, cepat2 dpt baby, bagi cousins to Husna & Bella.

Love you both,
Ur Sis-In-Laws
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