He, She and L.O.V.E.

I thought great love stories just apply in the movie - but in the real world, it does exist..

Adam & Hawa Romeo & Juliet Titanic - Jack & Rose Shah Jahan & Mumtaz Mahal Laila & Majnun Rasulullah & Siti Khatijah

Thou I am no one near their great love stories, but I still have my own secret to be admire for the rest of one life.. we had our up and down, we had our joy and sorrow days, but most importantly we had each other to sail through together the challenges of the 7 seas as one..

Are we really made for each other? Says who..?

The answer is YES, says my heart!

He is my better other half, who I could not live life without.. thou I could survive everytime he goes outstation haha.. =)

Miracle did happen, especially when God brought us to meet in most unique way..

There's one time, when he goes camping with no phone for two weeks - we could still meet, when God drives our heart to go to the same spot, Subhanallah... it's a real miracle!

When he is so patience, generous and helpful when I was sick..

When he is such a great, loving and responsible father to all my kids..

Never for once, I regret to meet you in my life..

I just wish you could still be with me by my side in the Hereafter's life..

And if I did go first, I won't be scared anymore coz I know that my kids will be in a good hands..

For all I wish in life has been fulfilled..

When I meet you, all my dreams have turn into reality..

Thank you so much my dear beloved husband..

Thanks you so much..

I will love and cherish you forever..

Yesterday, Today and for the rest of my life~

Selama ini ku mencari-cari Teman yang sejati buat menemani perjuangan suci

Bersyukur kini pada mu Illahi teman yang dicari selama ini telah kutemui

Dengannya di sisi perjuangan ini senang diharungi bertambah murni kasih Illahi

Kepadamu Allah ku panjatkan doa agar berkekalan kasih sayang kita

Kepadamu teman ku pohon sokongan, pengorbanan dan pengertian

Telah ku ungkapkan segala-galanya..

Kepadamu Allah ku pohon restu agar kita kekal bersatu

Kepadamu teman teruskan perjuangan, pengorbanan dan kesetiaan

Telah ku ungkapkan segala-galanya, Itulah tandanya kejujuran kita

Yours truly, Sabrina Ismail


  1. now THIS is real love :) may you both be together for always always .. hugs

  2. Too bad he doesn't have time to read all of the above =) hehe


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