27 wonders of life

27.. few days down the road..

I've learn and grew so much through out the crazy years.. my life have been magnificant, I've gone through lots of up and down, I get to meet ppl a long the way, made mistakes and learn out of it, met the right GUY and live happily ever after?? well, my life haven't found it full stop yet, the quest will continue and I need to realize and make the term "happily ever after" do come true forever.. the perfect word to describe if ppl asking me how my life as per today? "Never been better!"

People - I am blessed for people that I've met in the journey of my life. Some are far,yet so close to my heart. There are those who close, yet far to reach. Rambut sama hitam, kata orang - still hati lain-lain. People who sometime we trust, do betray us. People who we care, do neglact us. People who we thought bad, may have good heart within, you never know.. More or less, these people touch and change my life drastically to be more careful living life, for my point of view to judge ppl has never been the same since then.. I hope that I could touch ppl life too, inspiring them to do something good in their life.. I am thankful for the friends and relatives who have been supporting me and shaping my life all the way..

27 memories that struck & mean a lot to me:-

1) I had a loving grandma, 77, who spoiled me a lot, taken care of my entire childhood, and because of her care & affection, my kids are properly pampered by me. Thanks for being a great role model to become a good mother.

2) My uncles and aunts who help "sekolah"kan me when I was a kid.. by way of example and sending & picking me up from tadika up till primary.. Uncle Ajis, Uncle Che' Man, Uncle Bakar, Pakman, Aunti Ton.. no wonder I'm everyone favorite, byk menyusahkan diorang dulu2.. hehe

3) My parent for having agreed to let me go in the age of 21.. It really mean a lot to me..

4) To asked Iss out for the first time - tea at McDonald, Sydney.. come on la, do I need to start everthing 1st.. bum into him a lot of time during function in Kl, but never once we talk until the day in Sydney. Never thought 6 down the road, the knot ties with an engangement ceremony and a year later, an aqad..

5) Sg. Buloh Prisoners - I used to be very sceptic when it come to prisoners, who don't? but when I enter the prison, a special chapter file exist in my life.. percayalah.. mereka adalah manusia biasa.. not all are bads, some maybe innocent, as they have not been sentence yet.. despite the bad ppl there, believe me, the foods are not that bad.. really good.. until today, those sceptical view has change.. be it bangla ke, indon ke.. prisoners or prof. madya.. I can approach everyone, no prob. nothing to be scared off.. how lucky I am, tak semua org dpt peluang jmp prisoners like I do.. I learn a lot, a lot from them.. love to visit them again..

6) The experience of deliver Husna Hazellyna Isham for the 1st time while I am still in my uni school.. O yea!

7) Up till today, I couldn't believe that I am actually a law graduate who has been called to the Bar. I am a lawyer by a profession??

8) Discover my inner potential of cooking and getting myself into culinary classes. Self-satisfactory!! 20 thumbs-up..

9) Learn something precious from a friend in cooking school - mkn makanan yg dh tumpah or some ppl said junk @ makanan yg x bersih.. he remind me for the poor and needy person out there who care to dig up trashes for foods.. yg kite ni dok ade makanan, jatuh skit pinggan trus buang konon not healthy.. learn to appreciate.. small thing that he do, big changes for me..

10) Apabila pintu hati saya terbuka untuk ke Mekah pada umur 26 thn...

11) During my wedding, when everyone had the chances to gathered.. I do believe my wedding gathered everyone, none of the relative miss it out..

12) The first day Husna call me Bonda... then followed easily by Bella..

13) The sweet memory of my chilhood, whereby we play picnic2 bwh pokok mangga, main masak2 with my cousins & neighbours, with real foods supplied by nenek.. huhu nenek used to said that I have pipi setembam mangga epal - pokok mangga yg ktrg main masak2 tadi..

14) The day I learn and fall from bicycle.. Hari "tiada putus asa" dalam kamus hidup

15) My first whole day puasa, while in my kindy 5 years old, and no one pick us up from kindy, me and my cousin, Maryam, walked all by ourself to nenek's house.. jauh tu, thanks god the world still save back then..

16) Apabila rumah nenek masih ada pokok kelapa dan part-time, belajar kait buah kelapa.. actually, belajar tgk org kait je.. and also, masa kecik2, blaja mengait dgn antiTon.. seronoknye zaman kanak2.. masa tu hujan pon bersih lg, belum berasid mcm hari ni..

17) Pengalaman berhijrah ke Manjung, awesome!! hope can move again.. =) apa org kata, jauh perjalanan luas pandangan..

18) The facts that all my kids are born to be traveller - husna, 3 months - Baling, Kedah; Bella, 40 days, Kuala Terengganu; Isaac - 50 days, Penang.. you go kids!!

19) To have Isaac is such a miracle and life changing experience - i makan kurma for the 1st time and continue loving it.. start to love hot drinks, more open up to spicy foods.. ; well, for the rest of my 27 yrs before I am a really picky eater.. even my parent n husband couldn't change me..

20) To get me self-induced 3 weeks earlier for Bella delivery, that was the worse labor ever!! but she is so special in her own way..

21) despite the different interest that me and iss have, we have a lot of things in common too.. for example; the same teeth prob, the same spot of tahi lalat, the same spot where we hang out in Kampung Raja Uda during our school time.. I guess we might bum into each other earlier.. as early as secondary school, we even share the same secret path to Kg. Kastam.. gile kan??

22) I couldn't forget my wildest experience while cave exploring once upon a time ago.. I met a white shining snake glowing right in front of me.. I love cave, they are like free sunway lagoon.. do wear ur loose t-shirt coz u might throw it away after that..

23) I am a super nature girl freak!! love nature & it habitate so much.. plz do not polute our world.. hidup WWF and malaysia nature society

24) I hate ulat sampah. full stop!

25) I am happy that I am a housewife and my husband undertand me so well

26) the best thing about iss that if he wake up earlier than me, he never wake me up.. but if it is viceversa, tak tenang hidup dia, setiap minit aku gerak die soh bangun tido.. walaupon weekend haha.. kdg2 bg can la juga, if he is too tired plus sick (migrain) hehe

27) I just love my life, guess it couldn't be describe in 27 points.. hope I'll be bless forever and looking forward for another great 27 years ahead... with my love ones around me. Game on!


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  2. walaupun ko tak sebut.. Hu.. I want u to know, 3 tahun dgn korang di rz takkan aku lupe.. Korang gile happening n cheered up my life.. Thnks alot!

    The white snake pun aku takkan lupe.. Gile.. Aku yg benci gua, tp akhirnye 'terpaksa' gak masuk.. Huhu.. Tp aku tak regret at all! Great experience

    Ps: ingt lg tak kite penah target sape akan kawen dulu.. Peh.. Ms tu form 3 tu.. Gile gatal.. =p

  3. huhu.. aku x rase aku kate aku nk kawen dulu kot.. haha..

    a'ah korang ber3 mmg memberi kesan signifikasi tersendiri terhadap siapa aku hari ini.. kerana perspektif korang mmg berbeza

    from the 1st day i'm invited to ur group,never been thankful enough to have u guys in my life~


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