Bila berbicara tentang hati...

Rambut sama hitam, hati lain-lain -famous Malay quote.. haha, too my age today, those words play a big role & significance in my life! Sometimes or most of the time, we are too naive, easily fools by surrounding. Well if we truly adopt Quran & Sunnah, it's not a crime to be too naive, if everyone is good, world will be sooo safe to live in..

For me, first impression, is always good for everyone. Everyone is good unless proven otherwise. So far, through experience, people differ from each other. Money change people, knowledge change people, status change people, ego change poeple, age-wise also change people. so long you hang on to Allah, hopefully I won't go far astray from the road meant for Heaven.. =) I don't want to be label as "ungrateful" people.. I am a people oriented person. I couldn't live in a hatred environment, where people hate each other, kill each other - backstab or gun shoot (no different).. how I wish the world turn like what I want it to be...

Hati sakit, pernah ke? Of course.. once it a while, exercise your heart, liver, lungs.. haha cuma kadang-kadang kesakitan itu tak mampu ditampal. A life lesson, whether to believe in someone or not.. I like to highlight another quote in my life - "I may forgive but not forget" You don't really wanna mess with me, sungai yang tenang jgn disangka tiada buaya. I'm kind of unique when it comes to revenging, hehe.. my husband know me well when it come to this point, so he basicly don't really like to make my blood go upstair.. hehehehe

Hati panas?? No comment... I don't really like to be emotional, coz when it come to heart - it is so soft, kind of hard to describe. u may have anger at one time and it could melt like an ice-cream in split second. tp kadang-kadang, ada hati sekeras batu - jenis manusia xde perasaan gitu..

Makanya, apabila berbicara soal hati, kita kena berhati-hati.. Peace


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