Pre-launch CoolBlog Taman Emas/Sungai Udang, Klang...

ok, ok, fine.. I really can't keep this secret anymore..
This is not a long planned project.. It's not planned at all, it happen so fast, and today I still feel like dreaming. That explain why I can't sleep still at 2 a.m.

The story goes like this.. 5th raya (Saturday) - went to a close friend house, he told us about his bro who just open a coolblog at Sri Andalas, Klang.. Sunday, browse internet.. Monday, print forms. Next monday, 12th September - everything is approved by coolblog management! A week later, my loan is approved.. I had my training 11th to 13th October, and today the contractor already do the fitting part to the shop.. Most probably, the construction will end by friday. And monday can start operating.. I'm crossing my finger so that Monday will be THE day - why? It's my husband birthday.. easy to remember.. memoir of our 1st franchaise business.. and hopefully many more to come..

Why coolblog? 1st - because my Husna loves bubble drink tea and i love their product.. 2nd - it's way cheaper than tutti frutti.. 3rd - the amazing support team from CB management. Great ppl, great organization. Feel great to know and have this ppl around. 4rd - a great turning point when we start to read Kiyosaki again. Lastly - because it's pink!! haha, don't argue me on this.. I get to wear all my men staff in pink, including my Iss...

It sound pretty cool aih?? Sometimes it sound like fairy tales come true too.. hehe.. It will be cooler if everyone care to drop by and join us for the launching week.. We will distributing loyal customer card for the 1st 1000 customers.. =) Coolblog is always rock and delicious!! you won't regret..

This is pre-launching date : 24 October 2011..
Hopefully, if everything went smoothly, I will be inviting everyone massively in every sort of ways... do come and pay us a visit. Eh, location.. taman emas klang. never heard of it.. it's in the HEART of teluk gadung, teluk pulai, simpang empat, sungai udang.. It's next to ECONMART supermarket.. remember, it's PINK. you can't miss it..

Cheers, pray for my success..

Love u all.. Love Allah so much!!

Sabrina Ismail


  1. Guess what? i will be home on the 24th so yeah you will see me and the gang !!!!

  2. slm hi! just wanna ask u..where can I apply the loan for franchise business? -reen-


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