welcoming bella balqis isham to the world

Bella Balqis Isham Binti Mohd Razli Isham, our precious second daughter. Here is her story..

Back somewhere end of 2008, I was having a difficulties in breathing. At first, I thought it was asthma, but to recap my medical history, never once had that problem. Iss was in SJ Manjung and I was doing my chambering ethic’s examination. I went to the clinic with mum and Lin, the doctor said I was fine and urine test was taken. Surprisingly, seriously, my face went white, could not feel any blood movement for a while, the doctor said I was pregnant! I wasn’t expected that I’m going to be expecting at all! Nevertheless, we thought Husna is big enough to have a lil’ brother/sister at that time and we spread the news with joy…

Having Bella in the tummy, I’m more craving to the Malaysian authentic dishes rather than all the fast-foods. I really can’t stand the smell of the fast-food’s foods. Yuks! I travelled a lot with Bella, was working as a practicing lawyer for a while in Manjung, travelled back to Klang, stop working and start baking! Life is so good back in Manjung but life is even better in Klang, Iss got his dream job and I get what I wanted – to be a full-time housewife, raising my girls independently.

My beautiful Bella should be due on the 15 of July 2009. Having said that your papa is crucially busy at that moment, I have made my mind to have you earlier than expected. Still remember that breezy day I was admitted to the Putra Medical Centre Sungai Buloh. Few days before, once you enter your 36 weeks of pregnancy, I told my doctor that I want to have you on 26 of June 2009, it’s a Friday. Everything was well planned. My parent took leave to take care of Kakak Una, I’ve booked Papa’s flight from Tenom Pangi (Kota Kinabalu) early that morning, so that he could reach me before you deliver. The doctor place the needle for antibiotic on my left hand, before I was admitted, I went for breakfast with Kakak Una, Atuk and Nenek. To see my hand with big needle stuck to it, Una sadly said, “Bonda, bertahan ye..”. That was the last time I saw her as my only daughter.

I was admitted and left alone in the room. I rang daddy and mum telling them I was admitted. Mum took the initiative to come with Atiqa to accompany me. They reached the hospital at 2pm. I was induced around 10 o’clock in the morning and the water was force to be broke around 2pm. Papa reached around 3 o’clock, just nice when the great pain started to kick in. All I remembered today was during your labour, it was way painful than your sister. Maybe because you were induced way earlier than your supposed expected date. I remembered the bed was push to the labour room around 6 pm plus. Mum & Iss were there with me all the time, wipe and massage my back as I was fighting with the pain. Don’t really want to remember those moments because it wasn’t a sweet one. I almost give up and asked the doctor to just operate me. I had the air ‘akar fatimah’ all day long and recite whatever Al-Quran verses that come up to my mind. The pain, masyaAllah, only God knows.. as far as my mind could ever possibly remember, it was really really painful. I thought I’m going to die already that time..

The time almost comes, mum was asked to leave the room. The doctor comes from magrib prayer. I couldn’t stand it anymore. Feeling like something big waiting to be released from my servick. The doctor told me to get prepared to push on 3. 1,2.. I gathered all my strength and on 1 push, you are all out & ready to face the world. Thanked God the doctor was so professional to catch you in one go. All my pain is gone by the wind. Ffuhhh… a big relief. 2.4 kg red girl was passed to the nurses. "Awak, awak, mane camera, pergi amik gambar baby cepat." I forced Iss to captured the magical moments and yes, we did manage to get some of it.. everything goes so fast and in a blink I already a mom of 2 girls. What a day~ Bella was borned on 26/6/2009 exactly 8:08 pm, nice numbers right? I'm glad it all over..

Remind me, I don’t ever want to be induced anymore in future. Don’t really like to feel death so near to you ever again. Anyway, if after having husna, I’m all passed out but not with you. I’m all awake, but a bit dizzy, to experience all the stitches and blood cleaning. As usual, I don’t sleep all night long to watch your lovely face but you and your papa sleep all night long. You didn’t even asked for breast milk much. And after almost one year having you by our side, we never had a sleepless night. Such a great baby! Welcome to the family Bella, you are everyone precious, especially Husna =) you are such a good friend to her. I love you honey. Muah, muah.

Bonda Sabrina Ismail.
21 September 2010


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