My 3 years old Popoman.

Random pick pictures of Isaac since he was a baby. A big boy he today for me.
3 years old and counting for many more beautiful years ahead together.

Always close to his Papa. That's the first thing he asked everytime he open his eyes every morning...

 A good team-mate for the sisters as well. A good buddies for Bella. A naughty companion for Husna.

Brave, skilful and sportful. Never afraid of height and trying something new.

My only kids who love to eat everything. Not picky at all and amazingly, love to eat vegetables.

Long journey ahead. Preparing himself not to be the youngest anymore as he will be having a new brother soon in months to come.
Happy birthday Popoman. May tomorrow come we have a small enjoyable and barakah birthday celebration in Tawau.
I love U. We all do.


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