My Family Homeschooling Journey

How do I start my homeschooling journey?
Somehow, I always feel like a beginner, just started my homechooling yesterday. The reality calendar checked said it started Mac 2016. When we took Bella out of Pusat Dyslexia Malaysia, Shah Alam and bring back her to Sabah for good. It was a dare decision but I always trust my gut that she is not fit for schooling at that moment of time. Yes, it started with Bella.
Wait. Before that, in 2014, I did some homeschooling activity with Bella, Isaac and Husna for few months. When we just moved to Tawau, Sabah. But they were at the age of 3, 5 and 8. I wasn't consider myself as homeschooler for such toddler and pre-schooler at that time. Husna get back to school after 3 months of settling there via the help of our neighbour who work in Tawau Education Department. Bella and Isaac were homeschool or maybe unschool from May to December that year.
So, yes. It started in 2014. Later, a year of schooling. Then, homeschooling Bella again for one year. In 2017, Bella found a perfect school. Isaac and Husna, in other hand, we decided to get them out of the mainstream academic syllabus for good. They went for tahfiz school. So, for math, bahasa and English - it was my job to teach them from home.
Yes, my kids does have school experience as well. Maybe too many different schools experience because we were moving quite a lot from time to time.
Husna (11 years old) - 3 kindy (1 in Manjung,  2 in Klang), SR Hira Klang, SRA Al-Amin Gombak, SK Kubota, Pusat Bimbingan Alquran Al Ummi Labuan, Madrasah Hafizah Tamam Bangi (currently)
Bella ( - 2 kindy (Tadika ABS Gombak, Pasti Nurul Najjah Tawau), Pusat Dyslexia Malaysia Shah Alam, Labuan International School.
Isaac -  Tadika ABS Gombak, Pasti Nurul Najjah Tawau, Tadika Kemas Kubota Tawau, Pusat Bimbingan Tahfiz AlQuran Al Ummi, Madrasah Tahfiz Al Badr Labuan. 
Apparently, it is quite rare for us to register as early as 1st January and end the school by November every year. It's either we register in the quarter or middle months of the year and end class before even year end examination started. That's a norm. Examination never matters or border us anymore. What more important is for us to stick and move as a family.
Homeschooling Bakery classes in Tawau
Mabul exploration 2014
Frankly speaking, the process of rolling and de-rolling each kids from the school are not easy. It requires tones of paper work. Times that to 3 kids at that time. It was tiring. It is time consuming. To be in a nomad family like us, we keep it simple this way - "homeschooling fulltime, schooling sometimes". All the kids are aware of this. Thus, they just enjoy learning whatever opportunity come in our way. Because we know, in every pit stop we had in our journey life together - it won't be long and forever. Roadchooling, unchooling, wildschooling, worldschooling - named it! InsyaAllah, we are preparing ourself to explore even more in future.
The black warrior tribe of Sabah
Malaysia Heritage
When we live in Sabah, there are so many things to explore. We live there as a local for almost 4 years but with the soul of a traveller. The kids learn a lot about Sabah. Be it the language, the heritage, the foods, the nature beauty and others. It change our mind set and perspective on learning in the classroom versus what the worldroom can offer. It was a beginning of sometime remarkable and great in our homeschooling journey.
 Now that we moved back to the West Malaysia for good, I think the whole family are mentally ready to continue what we have started before in the East. And yes, the community of homeschooler here are stronger and merrier than before. We love it even more. InsyaAllah, we can pull this through together until the end. I am not alone anymore.
Tadpole or no tadpole?
With Kak Haslinda Halim, Medina and Tariq - fellow homeschooler family
Bella was the one who pushed me to my limit. She embarked the homeschooling journey as a serious matter to the family and somehow make the other sibling follow her footsteps. May Allah continue to guide us through his right path, for me, for the kids and for the whole family. His knowledge is everywhere. This write up is a gentle reminder for me not to loose hope and continue being strong to raise my kids to their utmost potential. Homeschooling is just part of everyone right now. They can proudly said it loudly when other asked. The younger sibling love it too. May Allah grant us wealth, health, friends and knowledge to continue this beautiful journey in future. I have no regret, Biiznillah.
Coffee beans in Tenom, Sabah
Spa river fishes in Ranau, Sabah


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