Rahimi 3rd birthday party - 3/9/2017 @ BLOKKE

It was the 3rd of Eid Adha holidays and an adhoc plan. I goggled a lot of interesting places, but none was available for short notice party setup. No goodie bag, sorry! Yet, we manage to pull it through a sweet memorable meet up as a family.
Why Blokke? It was suggested by a friend and being a homeschooler mom, I always want something educational as an input, where ever they go. Playing with a purpose and at least they are using the right and left brain plus some physical activity, is totally worth of pay!
Rahimi, our 4rd children, never had a birthday party before. Being a true Sabahan, he rarely came back to the West Malaysia. This is the 1st time we manage to get all my in laws family members in a room and sing for him. A very special moment indeed. Next year,  who know where we going to be. Not Kuala Lumpur for sure.
The food and beverages was good. At least, it was hipster enough for us. The kids love it to bit. Lego were all time favourite. Even the mommies and daddies love it too.
Dear Rahimi,
I promise to make a better birthday party for you in future. If Allah will it. We hope you had a memorable experience back there. We, the Isham's family, love you so much and pray that you will be in healthy, wealthy and best state of Iman at all time.
Happy 3rd Birthday Rahimi!
Thank you Blokke and thank you all the in laws  family for throwing a great party for Rahimi.


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