2017 : It's a wrap!

How do we start this? A year almost come to an end, so this is the summary of our small family journey for 2017.

January : We are in Labuan. Schooling - Labuan International School for Bella, Tahfiz Al-Ummi for Husna and Isaac, like ordinary kids. We had a visit from Piey. End of January, we went for a Green Retreat - Labuan - Kundasang - Sukau Bilit, Kinabatangan - Kota Kinabalu - Labuan.

February : We celebrate Hari Wilayah for the 1st time. Life as usual. Enjoying the beaches in Labuan. Celebrating Chinese New Year. Grandma came for a visit.

March : Husna went for a donut class. Puan Mainee invited us for Kenduri Doa Selamat. Husna and Isaac went for a Marrybrown lunch outing. Budiman came for visit, Puan Irnee came for a business trip in Labuan and Epen came for work. Pheww~ What a busy month.

April : Farewell Party for Hazwan. Met Puan Aziati by coincidence. Cik D birthday and welcoming Tuan Zusuff and Tuan Yusry for a business trip in Labuan. Tilawah Al-Quran competition. We had a chance to go to Ustaz Zainal Abidin and Ustaz Don talk. Luckily, we were in Labuan during their visit. Labuan International Sea Challenge 2017. Bella went for her 1st camping. Husna went for her 1st astronomy camp. Atuk came to visit.


May : Meet Ustazah Asni Mansoor for the 1st time. Isaac went into Tahfiz Al-Badr. Yana came to Labuan. Preparation for Ramadhan Kit Labuan. Went to KK for SESB Tahfiz competition. Our 1st Ramadhan was in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.


June : Our last Ramadhan in Borneo. Puan Lidia came for a visit. We spent the whole month cooking some iftar for the masjid. Celebrate Isaac birthday with his Tahfiz friends. End of June, we went off to Kuala Lumpur for Eid Fitri. Celebrate Bella birthday in KL.


July : We went back to Labuan.  Raya in Brunei. Celebrated Bella birthday and farewell party at LIS. Went to KK for Iss's Kiulu team building training, packed everything up and moved back to KL.

Last Family Day with SJ Patau-patau

August : Mama and Ayah went for Hajj. Homeschooling start. Husna and Hawa birthday. KL Heritage Walk. Planaterium sleep over for husna and visit for the other. First aid class. Art class with Jaja. Rock climbing.


September : Eid Adha. Decoupage classes, bird park. Husna went for boarding school. MHsN Sports Day. Rahimi birthday. Carcosa trip, Hockey, Choral Speaking. Cold Storage Kids Run. Paralympic Sea Games. Petrosains KLCC.


October : Pusat Sains Negara. Kuala Gandah trip. Iqra classes. Invited for Homeschooling talk. Bella start to paint. Iss birthday. Bella (virus infection fever) and Husna (sinus headchae) admitted to KPJ Damansara.

November : Husna Khat Maghribi graduation ceremony. Sleep at PD, Grand Lexis. Bella admitted again, (Thypoid and microplasma antigen infection). Iss went for Taiwan trip. Closing ceremony for choral speaking class. Lit by Mah Sing. Husna sick doesn't get better - out from boarding school. Taekwando yellow belt exam. Bella 1st maker faire appearance. BNM Art Museum.

December : My 1st book is out under PTS, Puaka Lebuh Raya. PD BBQ event. Homeschooler Retreat Sekinchan with Kak Yati, Dr. Aida and Kak Farah.


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