Bella 8th Meowww Birthday Puurrrty 2017

Bella 8th years old birthday party, as well as her farewell party, was held in Labuan International School canteen. The theme was Meow Purrty, so we decided to have a fish cake. Cat do not eat cat you know.

As we sing the birthday song, there were actually a Hari Raya Open House rehearsal at the back of the canteen. They were band practising their song for tomorrow event. Somehow or rather, they stop singing and sing a birthday song for Bella. End up, the whole canteen was singing for her. Wow! 
We packed the art goodies for everyone. Everything was DIY. Simple idea, yet fun for the kids to experience. And Bella get a lot of farewell gift as well.
Thank you everyone for coming. It was a sweet memorable moment for us, and Bella especially. Thank you again. We missed LIS dearly.


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