Brunei : Revisited 2017 [Food Hunting]

Brunei are always in my heart. Fell in love from the 1st time we step on their beautiful land. This year, we managed to go to Brunei for Raya, again! Alhamdulillah. As always, the foods fascinated us more than before. Here are some list of foods you need to try if you go to Brunei.
1) Ambuyat and Sup Tulang.
This is a must try food! Brunei are just not the same without ambuyat.

2) Pizza Hut - Honey Garlic Chicken. Brunei specialty.
Only in Brunei. And the taste is.... Fabulous!
3) Sumbangsih
Too many yummy food here, with cheap prices. I visited this place twice. Just can't get enough of it good foods and beverages. They even have Nasi Lemak kambing for breakfast.
Popia Pisang


Durian Crepe and Cuppies
4) Kek Ladam Kuda - Nutella cake
This is kind of the trademark cake for Brunei people. Made upon special occasion or celebration. Home-made and need to order in advance. Do request from your host or friends in advance if you want to try some.
5) Nasi Katok
1 dollar Brunei for a yummy rice with chicken and sambal. Malaysia people call it Nasi Bujang. Beside Brunei, I also adore Nasi Bujang from Lawas, Sarawak. It taste as good as the one from Brunei.One Nasi Katok, is never enough. Believe me!
6) The Coffee Bean's pizza
Go and open their menu. You'll be suprise!
Incontro Carne Pizza

Fumo Salmone Pizza
7) IDEAL cafe & grill
Not to be miss too. On my previous visit, my niece packed me some of IDEAL cafe food. It was so delicious, we had to come back just to dine it again. It was worth every mile to travel.

8) The local Raya food.
We are just lucky to have relative in Brunei. So, we had the opportunity to taste home-cooked raya dishes while we were there.

Everything is yummy-licious! If you are heading to Brunei, please try it all.


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