Brunei : Revisited 2017 [ Raya Adventure ]

Since last year, we have been into the Brunei Palace for Eidul Fitri and done a lot of Mosque- Hopping, so for this time around, we tried something new. As usual, we started our journey with a sujood to Allah, as we reach Brunei upon Friday prayer.


Last year recap memory, Raya Brunei 2016, Roadtrip Eid 2016, Brunei Masjid Hopping and Istana Darul Iman. Sorry, the note was is Bahasa Malaysia.

Our lovely extended family in Brunei

So, this year, after visiting our relatives there, we decided to go for a day trip around the small township of  Brunei. Our first stop is the Royal Regalia Museum, Bandar Seri Bagawan. According to Wikipedia, the museum mainly houses the regalia of the Sultan and the royalty, as well as exhibits related to the commemorations of the Silver and Golden Jubilee celebrations of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah's rule of Brunei.

It was an educational trip. You get to know Brunei royalties up close through this museum. You also get to learn culture and geography of countries all around the world who has diplomatic relationship with Brunei. Beautifully arrange and presented to tourist to learn.
Next, the Kampung Ayer river cruise trip! This is where the real adventure begin. As you know, beside living on the land, some Bruneian also live on the sea. They built proper house and other facilities like school, police station, fire station on the sea. The whole village is on the sea. 'Kampung' is a word derived from the word Village while 'Ayer' if translated became water. Basicly, it is the Brunei water village. Unique experience by itself because when we ride the speed bot, the was raining. Because of the common use of the boat, no safety jacket were provided for passenger. Alhamdulillah, my kids are no stranger to boat ride.

Before went to the Kampung Ayer for Raya open house, we take a cruise along the Muara and actually managed to found some monkeys. The breeze, the rain and the scenery are just beautiful! Fresh air of the sea, we love it!

The kampong people are so friendly and love to have companies around. We had soto, some yummy traditional kuih raya and lots of new friendship. We are definitely no strangers to them. The best part for the kids, despite the good food and fun boat ride are the Duit Raya! It is in Brunei Dollar. Almost triple of our currency in Malaysia. What a blessed luck!

Brunei never disappoint us in any way. We leave Brunei with lots of happy memories. Hopefully, we had another chance to revisit Brunei again in future. Thank you so much for all the hospitality and loves. Surely, we gonna miss Brunei so much!


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