Schooling vs Unschooling

I've been schooling my kids before. I won't lie. Because of our nomadic life, I've been into too many nurseries, pre-schools and schools, in fact. And because of that, I've experienced some of the best school and the worst as well. I tend to know how to compare and contrast, not by what people gossiping around but through my own experiences. Which costs us, as a family, so much!- money, energy and time. It's hard to find good schools nowadays. There isn't any perfect school any where (believe me!). But how they tackle their flaws, what make it a worth school to send your kids to or not.

How many to be exact?

As for today, nurseries - 7 (UIA Gombak, Home nursery (Peng's, Ampang, Kelana Jaya), Manjung, Azzahra Klang, Gombak again)

Pre-schools - 2 in Klang (1st i can't even remember the name and Tadika Ceria AzZahra), Tadika ABS Gombak, 2 in Tawau (Pasti and Tadika Kemas)

School - SR Hira' Klang, SRA Al-Amin Gombak, SK Kubota Tawau, Labuan International School.

Tahfiz - Tahfiz Al Ummi Labuan, Tahfiz Al Badr and Madrasah Hafizah Tamam Bangi.

Listing this down make my heart ache a bit. Can you imagine how tiring the process of changing residences, registering and deregistering at least 3 of my older kid from 1 school to another? Somehow or rather, I think above list is just enough for us. More than enough, I guess. We think, we are ready for the next phase of our education - homeschooling, unschooling, wildschooling and worldschooling.

I am a super picky mom. I wanted the best for my children. Among all the above schools - I have to admit, most of it turn me down. Nevertheless there are 3 schools that we, as a family, adore and wish to return back if we could. I can say, it is among the best school my kid ever had :

1. Tadika Ceria AzZahra.

This kindergarden change my whole perspective about education. It's more to playschool than readingschool. Not exam oriented. Moms and dads involvement is a must!

2. Tahfiz Al Badr Labuan.

"Adab dulu baru ilmu" or "Attitude before knowledge". One can be knowledgable, but with wrong attitude he can go no where.

3. Labuan International School

I can say, this is among the best school in Malaysia. And my kid are just so lucky to be given experience to study here. A to Z, from teacher, to facilities, to activities, to price - the best!

I missed good school and great teachers that we've met along the way. We always cherish them in our heart. Now that we are homeschool, their teachers are everywhere. They learn from everyone, from every walk of life. Homeschooling is new for us. We are not perfect at it yet. But we are willing to learn and relearn new thing together as a family.

From schooling to homeschooling, what do one need to do?

1. Stretch your network

Gather all your resources, friends and families who are willing to be on the same boat. It's not an easy journey yet not an impossible one too.

2. Unschool yourself

A lot of people asking me the syllabus that we are using. It's up to the parent to decide. It may be one similiar to the school subjects and may also be different. There is no right or wrong. As long as it is a good knowledge, let the kids explore it.

3. Keep calm and just do it

Just do it and repair your mistake bit by bit. It always a first time for everything. Don't wait until the perfect timing to even start. They won't be any. Sometimes, I wonder why people go to so much so called 'homeschooling classes' when actually do not need any. All you need is to walk the path and experience the beauty of homeschooling yourself. Just do it!

Life is full of choices, why choose to complaint?

On top of that, I am just glad to be part of the Malaysian Homeschooling Network. 'They' (all of them), are such a big support system for me to even wake up and walk straight every single day, as a homeschool parent. I am no longer alone. My kids are no longer shame to be unchooling. They start to make friends and plan their own path.

May 2018 be nice to us. May Allah continue guide us to his straight path. I may have plans for my kids, but they have their own plan too. So, let's work together. 2018, here we come!



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