Sekinchan, Selangor - Homeschooler Retreat 2018 [Day 2]

Day 2.

Paddy Sunrise Morning Walk
We start the day early. The kids jump off the bed and ready to kicked off the day with a morning walk along the paddy field. We managed to catch a sunrise too! What a beautiful sight!
The Adny's continue their fishing activity that morning while waiting for the homestay to open their bicyles renting services which start at 8 am.

Bicycle Riding
Bicycle is ain't easy for town kids. My kids don't really know how to bike. They can do 4 wheels tyre bicycle, but not 2. The Adny's and the doctor's kids are all good rider. So, its a beautiful day to learn hoe to bike. Thou, Bella got some small accident, overall it was a great experience for all. My husband get a good exercise too!


Trampoline Jumpers
At 930 am, the homestay trampoline will be open for it guests. The kids started to que the line even before they open the  gate. Everyone are pretty happy got to play together, jumpping around with their new friends.

Their excitement does not stop there. They continue to party in the homestay swimming pool, splashing and goofing around.

Paddy Factory Visit
After check out at 12pm, we went straight to the paddy field factory which is actually just across the road, opposite from the homestay that we stay. It was a good and educational trip where we were brought for a short paddy video documentary, to see how the factory actually work and go through a small museum paddy inside the factory. Fees is RM5 per person, 90cm and above. A free rice pack are given to everyone as gift.

After the factory visit, all of us split for our own way and programme. The Adny's went to Pantai Remis. Kak Farah and Dr. Aida went for mentarang and seafood lunch. Me and my family, in the other hand, choose to go for Eagle Feeding boat ride at Kuala Selangor.

Eagle Feeding Boat Ride
This place is quite secluded and not so famous. Yet, it is so cool! The GPS will bring you deep inside a China kind of village in the middle of Kuala Selangor. It opened at 3 pm everyday. Adult price is RM25, while kids is RM15. The best part, we were the only family that day. So, we get the whole boat for ourselves. You pay RM110 and get a private boat for your family, how cool is that! Thou it is just a mere good luck, haha. You can see eagle up close and other kind of birds too. Their catch are the chicken flesh. The boatman said, if you come a bit later in the evening, around 6 o'clock, you can see more eagles (300 birds +-). Interesting, isn't it?



Overall, it was a superb short trip. The kids are having the best time of their life, the moms are enjoying their short break from the kitchen and the dads are just playing sporting!
Till we meet again Sekinchan, bye...


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