Among the famous tourist spot for Perak is the Kellie Castle. This are some photo of the Castle from the road view and a temple next to it. One of the statute was Mr. Kellie itself. He, somehow has huge reputable and association with the Indian people back then. There was a documentary made about his story. I will dig about it later and share, if time permit.
Next, we went to Tanjung Tualang for an educational trip. This is the last tin dredge in Malaysia. Luckily, we had an opportunity to still witness it this year in 2018. My husband, love this trip to the moon and back. There were tour guide and hands on activity to find tin, old fashion way. Tin used to be our main source of income to stabilize Malaysia economy back then. The world need it to produce can for soldier's food. Nowadays, technology has offer variety of options and this place were left for good. Thus, it is open for public to visit.
Tips :
1. Bring a lot of water to drink or maybe food to much. This place offer no canteen or cafeteria.
2. Come early or call them to booked your visiting slot or else you need to wait hours.
3. Wear hat and cotton material. This place is hot!
4. Last but not least, enjoy by asking lots of questions. They are happy to answer.
Until we meet again Perak, bye ~


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