Late posting. This trip was made in 2017. In accordance with the poem that the choral speaking kids been practise with - The blind man and the elephant. So, Teacher Rayhana came up with an idea to visit The Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary in Pahang. The kids never been into a bus trip, so it's kind of fun for them. We visited Deer Park nearby the elephant conservation centre too. There were other animals there, such as snake, few other reptiles, birds and such.
Upon arriving the elephant conservation centre, we had our break for lunch first and celebrated Iman's birthday. Then, we went into a documentary theatre, had our solat and move to see the elephant show. Some demonstration were made and kids are allowed to feed the elephants there. And, if you wish to bath with the elephant, it is also allowed. None of us bring extra clothes, so we didn't jump into the river with the elephant this time around. Maybe, next time. 
 A long day trip it is. Everybody snooze off all the way back. Zzzz....


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