When we first reached the Restaurant, the photos on their wall attract us so much. There were old photo of women dressed in kebaya. Peranakan or Malaysian called them 'anak mami'. They framed some success stories of that particular lady from a Sheikh and Bee family. Thus, it recall my late grandmother and her entire family name - Ainsha Bee, Khatijah Bee, Rahimah Bee, Sheikh Sultan of Shaikh Madar decendant.
My husband looked at me, "Are they part of your family members?" 
To be frank, I don't know. I know we have long relatives in Penang. We still use some of the Penang words until today although everyone have migrated to Port Klang years back. Most of us still have the anak mami look. And the picture hang on the wall, does resemble few familiar faces in our relatives back where we stay today. Maybe, maybe.. somehow we are blooded related with this owner of the restaurant.
Somehow, I am glad that Allah lead us to this restaurant for lunch.

Besides the unexpected history lesson that we found in the restaurant, the food was absolutely delicious! At a moment, I forgot about everything, I let the kids running around, and all I want to do is just enjoying my meal to every last of it. Everything was perfect! We ordered few different dishes and I love the laksa so much. Its not like the ordinary laksa that I've ever tasted before. Not laksa Johor, not laksa Penang - its laksa Jawi! A must try if you visit to this place.
Nasi Beriyani
Nasi Kacang
Nasi Lemuni
Jawi Laksa Lemak
Sago Pudding
Red Velvet Galettes
I don't do justice if I don't put up their address for further references, right?
So, here goes -
85, Armenian Street,           
George Town 10200
Penang, Malaysia
+6016 - 335 0295
+604 - 261 3680


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