Happy 7th Birthday Isaac. This year, we celebrated his sweet 7 birthday in Johor.
It was not a loud birthday since it fall in the month of Ramadan. We had a peaceful quiet - early birthday dinner at Kong Kong seafood. It was around 30 minutes from our house. We need to take a boat ride to go to the restaurant, quite an interesting experience since all of us missed boat ride so much.
We took a food package RM65 per head. 3 kids got half price and the other two is free. The meals include rice, a fish, crabs, squids, vege, dessert, fruit and drinks. Plus the boat ride. Not bad. The restaurant is sooooo clean. I love their surau! It was worth a ride and dinner!
My husband said, this restaurant was similar to Restoran Warisan back in Tampi-tampi, Sempoerna. What a dejavu.

On the 6/6/2018, I didn't really prepare much for his birthday. Luckily, there was an iftar invitation at my husband office. Pot-luck style of iftar. So, we choose to bring Isaac birthday cake. Having such a number of crowd for his birthday was never in our plan. We just move in to Johor and we didn't really have much friends yet. Without me cooking is even miraculous! Alhamdulillah, all praise to Allah, he is the best planner. Thank you for the lovely surprise.
I am capturing and freezing his 7th year old smile for my future references. My boy is getting bigger by the day. May Allah grant him patience, protection, knowledge, health and wealth where ever he goes.. I love you Isaac!


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