Chinese New Year Culture Lesson 2018

When I browse back all the old picture that we took earlier this year, actually as a newbie homeschooler, we did learn and cover a lot of subject along the way.
One interesting subject that the kids really go in depth this year is to learn about the culture, history and the festival of Chinese New Year. Believe me, this subject does not been covered in the school syllabus.
First class that we encounter is the story reading about how the festival first started. One of our lovely homeschooler mom brought the book to read it aloud to everyone for a sharing knowledge session. Its free, but the content indeed an expensive in value.

Second class, one of our favourite homeschool mom invited us for a CNY open house. We can see the tradition being practise up close! Thank you, thank you. The kids enjoy the company and all the delicious food.

Another CNY open house at Nenek and Atuk's condominium lobby. Lion dance included this time!


The peak of the CNY lesson was a red dress meet up at TTDI Park. It was held by a group of Chinese homeschool mom to share stories, Question and answer session, angpow giving, sing CNY song, craft and lots more activity regarding the festival.
The kids remember every single thing about CNY until today, I bet you. Maybe for years to come too. Thanks to all the wonderful moms effort.


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