Husna (12) and Hawa (2) Flowery Birthday

I still remember my 12 year old birthday celebration. My mom invited the whole class friends in school. We did a feast of food and games in my late grandma house. I think I wore like a princess that day. It was one of the beautiful moment in my life and I thought I want to do the same for my daughter as well. Husna turn 12 this year. A new maturity of age, no longer kid nor baby. Welcoming a new era of tantrum teen. Since Hawa birthday is 4 days away, it seem more grand than ever. And since our house in Pasir Gudang got beautiful lawn, I choose a flowery theme birthday party for both of my angels.



For foods, I only go the jelly for dessert - roses, peppermint and Cheerios. The rest, we catered it from a small canteen. We served nasi lemak ayam goreng, laksa Johor and some fried-rolled sardin sandwiches. Lemonade and teh tarik, too! A brunch to be remembered. I invited few neighbours, families, old school friends, homeshoolers and some of my husband office mate. And yes, the kids had a marvelous time. 

Akmal and Afhan play ukelele birthday song

Red and white theme. Actually, I did not request for red table cloth. It was brought by luck! And it match what we plan perfectly. We did some pinata our self and the rest of the games was made out by the homeschool kids themselves. Creative!

I thank everyone who came to celebrate and those who wishes and the presents too. I hope my two darling angels enjoy and will remember this moment till the end of their life. 

As for me, alhamdulillah it went all smooth sailing. May Allah grant us more time, energy and wealth to serve our kids and community around us. InsyaAllah.


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