It's been a while I haven't visit this place. Last time, maybe around 15 years back. The place was not like what I imagine it those days. Whatever it is, it can still be educational to the visitors. We try to made interesting as I prepared some homework for them. Scavenger hunt - botanical study subject. I come out with some questions for them to answer, according to the kids age and understanding.

For example,

Name 3 type of orchid that you find in the garden.
What is the colors of the orchid?
What animals can you find around the garden?
What is the different between orchid and other flowers?

My kids are so occupied answering the question and some tourists did asked me to take their photos. Little that we know, we will continue this botanical study once we move to Johor in March 2018.

A good start for them, I guess.
We had fun by the way!


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