Once a year programme by MNS at Tanjung Tuan Forest Reserve, Melaka. Nearby Ilham Resort. It was our first experience. Since it is nearby PD, FIL tag along to home schooled the kids. Day 1 (Saturday) we did see 2-3 raptors only. No luck. Weather was hot, but the exercise was good. We met more friends than raptors that day.

On Sunday, the second day, we went back to the place to get some books, which we found so informative and good for the kids, but only sell by MNS. And that was the best decision ever. When we arrived at that hill, the timing was so nice, the raptors were up in the air. There are a lot of raptors flying around and the scenery was magical, at least for me. 

Next year, it time permit, we will come again and witness the amazing migrating process. Subhanallah! 


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