Throwback : 4 Years Old Rahimi

Suddenly, google photos pop out a discovery throwback button. And I clicked. 4 years back memories suddenly flashback on my mind.

I missed those moment. I wish I still had a chance to have it with Ian. But I guess not. I don't know why, but I always see Ian in Rahimi. My imaginary child who live in heaven. May one day we meet, my dear.

Bonda love you to the Heaven and back.

Young Isaac and Bella. 

To my dear Rahimi, you are 4 this year. May you grow healthy and bright in future. I love you so much. Nothing much for his celebration this year. He requested for a choo choo train set. After months of waiting, we bought him the set on his birthday.

And easy introvert child to take care. Will always be my baby because he still need me at night. Always an apple to my eyes. My lavender, my calmness. Please don't grow so fast. I am soooo gonna miss your precious childhood moment later.

A mother who missed her babies,
Sabrina Ismail


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